Free Security Deposit Receipt Template

Need a sample security deposit receipt so that you can collect your security deposit with ease... or hand it over with a peace of mind? Then help yourself to our lease deposit receipt form here.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Free Rental Deposit Receipt

A receipt for security deposit is a simple little form, but it plays a big role in helping you steer clear of some real ugly deposit disputes.

Tenants: "Should I be asking for a deposit receipt?" - Yes, Yes, Always. Even if your landlord happens to be your best buddy who saved your life twice, it's still better to have things in writing whenever you turn over a (sizable) sum of money to someone else. What's more, the receipt should be given the moment your deposit money changes hands.. and not afterwards.

So it goes without saying that you should also be asking for a receipt whenever you pay rent - For a standard template, Click here for our Rent Receipt.

Landlords: "Should I be issuing a deposit receipt?" - Yes, in most cases. If your tenant asks for one, you have no reason to turn him or her down. If your landlord tenant law demands for one, well that's the law. And even if your tenant or the law doesn't squeeze you for a receipt, it's still recommended that you give one - After all, it's a sure-fire way to win your tenant's trust.

*Make sure this rental deposit receipt format complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Security Deposit Receipt

Date: _______________

The sum of $ _______________ was received from Tenant _________________________ as security deposit for the premises located at

This security deposit shall be held, applied and returned by the Landlord according to the terms of the Lease and the law.

Received by:

Landlord Name: _________________________

Landlord Signature: _________________________

Landlord Address:

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