Free Property Deeds

Looking for sample property deeds? No matter what types of deeds you need, you will find it here from our complete collection of free property deed forms.

In the simplest of terms, a deed is simply a legal document that transfers the ownership of real estate. Whenever a property changes hands, it has to be done in writing and that writing is a real estate deed.

Regardless of your reason and method for transferring real estate, we will have a deed below that matches your needs. In addition to providing all major types of property deeds here, we have also tagged each one with a plain English explanation to help you make the right choice.

General Warranty Deed

Do you want to get your hands on a good and clear property title? Then make use of our general warranty deed for a total and worry-free transfer of ownership. Since these property deeds offers the best protection to the grantee, we highly recommend it to buyers.

Special Warranty Deed

A special warranty deed is similar to its general warranty cousin above with one critical difference - The grantor (seller) is only responsible for property title problems during his or her ownership.

If you just so happen to hail from California, it's helpful to know that special warranty deeds aren't all that popular in the Golden State. Instead they prefer to work with a California Grant Deed that performs just about the same magic.

Bargain and Sale Deed

In a bargain and sale deed, the grantor (seller) makes no promises that the property title is free from debt or any other problems. The grantee (buyer) is buying the property "as-is". As you can tell, this deed clearly favors the property seller.

Quit Claim Deed

Are you transferring real estate between divorcing couples or family members? Or you are not sure if someone has any ownership in the property? Then our quit claim deed here will allow a person to hand over his or her stake in a real estate.

Life Estate Deed

Looking for a quick and easy way to pass on your real estate to loved ones after death? Our life estate deed will help you save both time and money on estate planning.

Lady Bird Deed

Leaving behind property to your loved ones after death? What if you can have a property deed form that not just allows you to stay on your property... but also gives you the right to sell or mortgage it anytime? Yes, you can make this all happen with our ladybird deed.

Beneficiary Deed

Is a life estate deed too binding and permanent for you? Then our beneficiary deed may be just what you need - While this deed allows you to name a heir to your property, it also gives you the freedom to back out or change your mind later.

Interspousal Transfer Deed

Are you transferring real estate between a married couple? Our interspousal grant deed makes it simple and tax-free to transfer property between husband and wife.

Reconveyance Deed

The deed that all property owners hope to receive one day. Issued to borrowers who have paid their mortgages in full, this official document confirms that you own the property free and clear.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Are mounting mortgage debts pushing you to the brink? Escape the evil clutches of foreclosure now with our deed in lieu of foreclosure form.

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