Free Rent Receipt Template

Paying or collecting rent can be a breeze... with our sample rent receipt form. So don't wait - Grab your free receipt template right here, right now.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Free Receipts for Rent

So what does a receipt for rent actually mean to you? Well that depends on which side you are standing on, so let's see...

If you are a tenant - Asking for a detailed receipt from the landlord is an absolute no-brainer (even if you pay by check). It's iron-clad proof that you have paid up and that alone will steer you out of so many possible disputes and give the landlord one less legal reason to evict you.

And let's not forget that rent is tax-deductible in some areas so this receipt is also your ticket to easy tax discounts.

If you are a landlord - It's no secret that most landlords find dishing out rent payment receipts to be a real chore, but it's often a must-do chore (especially if your tenant specifically asks for one). Since you are going to do it anyway, let's make sure that you get it right with our template.

Now to answer a question that we get so often: What if your tenant is only able to cough up part of the rent or still owes you back rent? Then what you can do is to copy-and-paste this line to the bottom of your receipt:

"An outstanding rent balance of $ _______________ is still owed and payable by the Tenant for the period of ______________________________."

*Make sure this blank rent receipt format complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Receipt for Rent

Date: _______________

Receipt Number: _______________

The sum of $ _______________ was received from the Tenant _________________________ as rent for the premises located at
___________________________________________________________________________ for the period of ______________________________.

The above sum received was paid by:
[     ] Cash
[     ] Check, Number: _______________
[     ] Money Order, Number: _______________
[     ] Others: ______________________________

Received by:

Landlord Name: _________________________

Landlord Signature: _________________________

Landlord Address:

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