Free Lease Agreement Forms

Looking for free lease agreement forms for your property? No matter what type of real estate you are renting, we will have just the perfect lease agreement template for you here.

For the average landlord or tenant, nothing really comes close to the importance of your rental lease agreement. This humble piece of paper will lay down all the ground rules and enforce all the terms of your lease (as long as you tread within the local landlord tenant laws).

That's why we don't just toss you a generic lease agreement and wish you good luck. We have taken the pains to draw up a custom agreement for every major property type - landed homes, apartments, shops, offices and even farm land... you name it, we have it:

Residential Lease Agreement

Looking for a dependable rental agreement that is an absolute breeze to use? No matter what type of residential property you are renting, our lease form will help you set up a tenancy with the right terms and conditions.

Apartment Lease Agreement

Are you renting an apartment, condo or flat? If the answer is yes, then our apartment lease form for non-landed properties will kick start your lease with minimum fuss and effort.

Commercial Lease Agreement

Setting up a commercial lease can be quick and painless... with the right lease agreement form. Whether you are renting a shop, office or warehouse, our commercial lease form will help you prepare the perfect lease right now.

Farm Lease Agreement

While there is no way to guarantee a good harvest, you can at least give yourself a smooth lease with our complete farm lease form here.

Sublet Agreement

Tenants: Looking for a subtenant to take over your lease or share the rent? As long as you have the landlord's consent to sublease, our sublease agreement will make it a walk in the park for you to rope in a new subtenant.

Commercial Sublease Agreement

Hauling in a new subtenant for your commercial lease? Then our commercial sublet agreement will help you seal the deal quick and painless.

Lease Renewal Form

Is your lease coming to an end soon? Whether you are sticking to old lease rules or making new ones, renewing your lease will be a breeze with our free lease renewal letter.

Lease Amendment Form

Is it time for some fresh changes to your rental lease agreement form? No matter what type of lease you have, our amendment form will help you add and change lease terms with absolute ease.

Assignment of Lease Form

Want someone new to replace you as tenant for the remainder of your lease? Make it happen with our lease assignment form here.

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