Free Landlord Forms and Landlord Letters

If you have a lease, you will have paperwork. Our free landlord forms will help you blaze through this paperwork quick and easy today.

Our complete collection of landlord letters will prepare you for just about anything that a lease can toss at you - whether you are screening new tenants, raising the rent or dealing with trouble makers.

Are you looking for a lease agreement... or perhaps you want to sublet, renew, amend or assign an existing lease? - Click here for our free Lease Agreement Forms.

Or perhaps it's time for you to end a lease? Whether you are seeking a peaceful closure or gunning for a forceful eviction, Click here for our free Notice to Quit Forms.

Residential Rental Application Form

Screening and choosing the right tenant is the *one* thing that every landlord has to nail down. Weed out nasty tenants today with our residential lease application here.

Commercial Lease Application Form

Screening commercial tenants is no walk in the park but you can count on our commercial rental application form to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Adverse Action Letter

Are you rejecting tenant applicants or imposing stricter requirements (e.g. larger deposit, higher rent, lease co-signer) based on their background or credit reports? If yes, then the Fair Credit Reporting Act will require you to inform your applicants. Do it in writing with our adverse action notice.

Lease Guarantor Application Form

Want to back up your lease with a guarantor? Get the job done flawlessly with both forms here - Screen your guarantors first with our guarantor application form and once you are absolutely pleased with them, tie them to your lease with our lease guaranty.

Notice to Enter Property

Want to gain quick and easy access to your rental property? Then give your tenant a quick and easy copy of our notice of intent to enter in advance... and you will be setting foot in no time.

Rent Increase Notice

Raising the rent is always a touchy issue and has to be handled with care. Our notice of rent increase will help you snag fatter rent checks... the correct and painless way.

Notice of Overdue Rent

Let's face it: Hounding tenants for overdue rent is no bundle of fun. The good news is that this landlord letter will make it an absolute breeze for you to collect both overdue rent and late fees.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

Are you (1) renting a residential property (2) built before 1978 (3) in the United States? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, then it's a legal must to give your tenant a copy of our lead based paint disclosure form and lead based paint brochure here.

Can't Find the Free Landlord Forms that You Need?

No worries! There's a good chance you will find them in our free Tenant Forms page.

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