Free Lien Waiver Form

Forking out money for construction payments? Then grab our construction lien waiver form right now to protect yourself from nasty property liens.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Waiver of Lien Form

To suit you up with the most complete lien protection, we have taken the pains to prepare not 1... but 3 different anti-lien forms for you. In case you need help picking the perfect one, simply carry on reading for our plain English advice:

1. Partial Waiver of Lien Form - Conditional Lien Waiver Upon Progress Payment

Are you paying for your construction bills in installments? Then grab the chance to shave off the amount of lien they can file on your precious real estate with this form. For each cleared payment that you make to the contractors, subcontractors or suppliers... this form will waive their rights to file a lien for the amount that you have forked out so far.

2. Final Lien Waiver Form - Unconditional Lien Waiver Upon Final Payment

Have you finally paid off all the construction payments? Then give yourself a peace of mind by getting your contractor, subcontractors and suppliers sign this form and give up all their rights to file a lien on your real estate permanently... no matter what happens. If you are a contractor, subcontractor or supplier, make sure that all payments are paid and cleared before inking this.

3. Lien Release Form - To Strike Off Nasty Liens Already Filed Against Your Real Estate

While the first two forms are like vaccination shots to prevent liens before they happen, this form will be the cure if your real estate has already been afflicted by a construction lien. To remove the lien, pay off the lien amount to the claimant and have him or her sign this release of lien form.

*Make sure this free lien waiver form complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Unconditional Lien Waiver Upon Final Payment

The undersigned has been paid in full for all labor, services, equipment and/or materials furnished to Customer _________________________ on the job of Owner _________________________ located at the following described property:

In consideration of the final payment in the amount of $ _______________, the undersigned hereby waives any right to a mechanic's lien, stop notice, bond or claim on the job, except for disputed claims for extra work in the amount of $ _______________.

Dated this day of _______________, 20__.

Claimant Name: _________________________

Company Name: _________________________

Claimant Signature: _________________________

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