Free Lease Guarantor Application Form

Do you need an application form for your rent guarantor? Our lease guarantor application form will help you both time and money when it comes to screening your guarantors.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Rent Guarantor Application Form

Attention Landlords: Guarantors are not just a back up or reserve player for the lease - When things turn sour, your rent guarantor is often the *only* real back up you will have. Hauling your tenant to court is a draggy affair and can end up fruitless... especially if the tenant has no money left to pay you back.

That's why screening your lease guarantors is not a recommendation, it's a must.

Never approve a guarantor without first running a credit check on them. A credit report is the key that unlocks critical information... such as how much debt the guarantor owes and whether he or she has been paying the bills on time. You can run reliable credit checks on guarantors with a popular tenant screening site such as E-Renter.

Just a quick reminder for any guarantors who are reading this - If the tenant takes off or simply refuses to pay up, you will be forking out money for everything that he or she chalks up - unpaid rent, repair bills and even legal fees.

*Done with your homework and absolutely thrilled with the guarantors? Then have them sign this Lease Guaranty Form to tie them to your lease agreement.

Lease Guarantor Application

Please fill in this application form completely. Every guarantor applicant has to fill in a separate form.


Full Name: _________________________

Birth Date: _______________

Relationship to Tenant: ____________________

Contact Number: _________________________

Email Address: ____________________

Driver's License Number: _______________

Social Security Number: _______________


Current Address:

Do you own or rent the above property? [     ] Own     [     ] Rent

Monthly Payment: $_____

Landlord / Mortgage Lender: _________________________

Duration of Stay:  _______________

Landlord / Mortgage Lender Contact Number: _________________________


Employment Status:
[     ] Full Time     [     ] Part Time     [     ] Student     [     ] Unemployed

Current Employer: _________________________

Duration of Employment: _______________

Employer Contact Number: _________________________

Monthly Salary: $__________

I declare that all the information above is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that if any of the information is found to be false or incomplete, the landlord will have the right to reject this application and terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect.

I hereby authorize the landlord to run any credit check on me and to verify any of the information above with relevant third parties such as landlords, employers, banks, creditors or other persons.

Guarantor Name: _________________________

Guarantor Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________

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