Free Rent Increase Notice

Are you looking for a sample rent increase notice? Raise your rent correctly and painlessly today with our notice of rent increase below.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Notice to Increase Rent

Before you get all excited with the idea of cashing fatter rent checks every month, slow down and make sure that you are allowed to increase more rent in the first place. In general, the landlord is able to raise the rent if...

1. You have a periodic tenancy (month-to-month or week-to-week lease).

2. Your fixed term lease has expired.

3. Your Lease Agreement Form has a clause that allows you to review the rent periodically.

To impose rent increases, you will have to give the tenant this notice to raise rent (30 to 60 days) in advance.

Upon receiving this notice, your tenants will have two choices: They can either choose to fork out the extra rent or pack up and leave. It's also perfectly possible that he or she goes for the middle ground by negotiating for a smaller rent increase or better lease terms (such as being allowed to sublet or keep pets on the property).

*Make sure this free notice to increase rent complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Notice of Rent Increase

Tenant Name: _________________________

Rental Address:

Dear Tenant,

You are hereby informed that your rent will be increased from $ _______________ per month to $ _______________ per month beginning on this date: _______________.

All other terms and conditions of our lease agreement will remain the same.

If you have questions regarding this rent increase, please contact me at ____________________. Thank you.

Landlord Name: _________________________

Landlord Signature: _________________________

Landlord Address:

Date: _______________

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