Free Home Safety Checklist

Are you looking for a dependable home safety checklist that keep your loved ones safe and sound? Pave your way to a safer home with our complete checklist below.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Home Safety Inspection Checklist

Some cold, hard facts on home accidents - Each year there are over 30,000 deaths and 8 million serious injuries resulting from home accidents... in the United States alone. (Source: NSC National Safety Council). The heart-wrenching bit is that most of these accidents could have prevented in the first place.

The quickest way to work with our home safety inspection checklist is to print it out and run through the list every month. Anything that jumps out at you as being particularly dangerous should be highlighted and checked more often.

Even the safest homes are not immune to accidents. Keeping all your emergency numbers (fire, police, nearest hospital, family doctor and poison hotline) close at hand helps you save precious minutes when calling for help.

On top of this home safety checklist, we also highly recommend that you click here for our Home Fire Safety Checklist to protect your home and loved ones from fire outbreaks.

Home Safety Checklist


[     ] Clean up any spills or breakage on the floor immediately.
[     ] Do not leave any open flames or stove cooking unattended.
[     ] Make sure the handles of pans and pots on stoves are turned inwards.
[     ] Make sure the oven and dishwasher are closed when not in use.
[     ] Cover all items with blades or sharp ends when not in use.
[     ] Make sure electrical cords of appliances do not dangle openly or unplug them after use.
[     ] Fasten any table cloth or replace them with place mats.
[     ] Keep poisonous household items locked and out of reach from children.
[     ] Keep all plastic bags away from children.
[     ] Place water kettle on a stable surface away from children.


[     ] Cover the bathroom floor and shower area with non-skid bath mats.
[     ] Lock up all medications and cleaning products.
[     ] Unplug and keep all electrical appliances when not in use.
[     ] Cover up all power points when not in use.
[     ] Set water heater temperature to 120 degrees °F (49 degrees °C) or lower.
[     ] Install grab bars in the shower and near the bath tub for the elderly.
[     ] Supervise infants and toddlers in the bathroom at all times.


[     ] Arrange the furniture to create adequate walking space.
[     ] Install light switches at all room entrances.
[     ] Cover the sharp edges of all furniture with cushion or padding.
[     ] Fasten all small rugs to the ground or remove them completely.
[     ] Secure tall cabinets and storage shelves to the wall.
[     ] Cover ceramic, concrete and marble floors with a carpet to avoid slips and cushion falls.
[     ] Replace all chairs and tables that are shaky or unbalanced.
[     ] Replace all glass doors and low windows with ones made of tempered glass.
[     ] Keep flammable materials away from heaters, stoves and fire places.
[     ] Keep the cords of curtains and blinds out of reach from children.
[     ] Lock all firearms and keep them unloaded at all times.
[     ] Store firearms and ammunition in separate locations.


[     ] Install light switches at all bedroom entrances.
[     ] Install lamps and light switches next to beds.
[     ] Keep heaters, cigarettes, ash trays and all fire sources away from flammable materials.
[     ] Make sure baby cribs have a firm and tight-fitting mattress.


[     ] Lock up all flammable, corrosive and poisonous substances.
[     ] Keep all poisonous substances in their original conditions.
[     ] Lock up all power instruments and tools with sharp edges.
[     ] Store gasoline in safety containers and avoid keeping it indoors.
[     ] Make sure the electric garage door has a safety sensor.


[     ] Keep walkways and pavements free from clutter.
[     ] Lock up the lawn mower and other gardening tools when not in use.
[     ] Check garden for any thorny weeds or poisonous plants.
[     ] Install outdoor lights for the walkways and home entrance.
[     ] Check play ground equipment for sharp edges, corrosion and loose parts.
[     ] Keep young children fenced in when playing outside.

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