Home Fire Safety Checklist

Need help with fire safety in the home? Our home fire safety checklist will help you take right steps to safeguard your home and loved ones today.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Checklist for Fire Safety at Home

Some homeowners have a really foggy idea of fire safety at home - They slap up a few smoke smokers, plant a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and sleep well at night thinking that fires are something that happen to other people on television.

Unfortunately this is far from enough... especially when you consider that there are over 400,000 home fires chalking up more than $7,500 million in damages each year in the States alone.

With our checklist, fire home safety will be well within your grasp. Remember fire safety in the home is not just the owner's responsibility - It's a good idea to get everyone on board... especially when drawing up your fire escape plans.

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Home Fire Safety Checklist


[     ] Attend to open flames and stoves at all times when cooking.
[     ] Keep all flammable materials at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from stoves and heaters.
[     ] Install a metal screen for the fireplace to catch sparks.
[     ] Clean and inspect the chimney every year.


[     ] Keep the garage, yard, attic and basement free from clutter and trash.
[     ] Store gasoline and other flammable liquids in safety containers.
[     ] Store all flammable liquids away from heat sources.
[     ] Keep all oily rags in tightly sealed containers.
[     ] Keep all door keys easily accessible in case of fire.


[     ] Avoid overloading electrical sockets and outlets.
[     ] Install more electrical outlets instead of using multiple attachment plugs.
[     ] Check electrical cords for frays and cracks.
[     ] Remove extension cords from under carpets and doorways.


[     ] Install smoke alarms on every level and near all sleeping areas.
[     ] Make sure smoke alarms are working by testing them every month.
[     ] Replace the batteries of smoke alarms every year.
[     ] Make sure everyone is able to recognize the smoke alarm siren.


[     ] Prepare a home escape plan in case of any fires.
[     ] Set up a safe place for everyone to gather after escaping from a fire.
[     ] Practice the home escape plan with the family every 6 months.
[     ] Make sure everyone knows how to dial for fire, police and medical emergencies.
[     ] Make sure there are 2 exits (door or window) from every room.
[     ] Make sure all fire exits are free of clutter and furniture.
[     ] Inform all babysitters and overnight guests of the fire escape plan.


[     ] Place ash trays in every room and empty them frequently.
[     ] Empty ash trays into sinks and not waste baskets.
[     ] Make sure everyone does not smoke in bed.
[     ] Keep all matches and lighters out of reach from children.

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