Free Real Estate Counter Offer Form

Very few property deals are closed with the first offer so a real estate counter offer letter is important for making sure that you are snagging the best deal possible.

What You Know Before Using Our Real Estate Counteroffer Document

Negotiating a real estate deal is a bit like a boxing match. Instead of trading blows, the buyer and seller trade offers until either they reach a middle ground where they are both happy or one party decides to walk off.

When it comes to real estate negotiations, nearly everything is fair game. Besides haggling over the purchase price, you can rope in almost anything to close the deal. For example, you can request that the other party toss in a couple of star wars light sabers or sing you a birthday song before you will accept the offer.

"Time is of the essence" when it comes to real estate offers and counter offers. What this means in plain English is they do expire after a period of time so your real estate counteroffer should clearly state this expiry date.

*Make sure this real estate counteroffer form complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Real Estate Counter Offer Form

The Offer to Purchase dated _______________ by the Buyer _________________________
for the Property at
___________________________________________________________________________ is countered by the Seller.

All terms and conditions stated in the Buyer's Offer to Purchase are to remain the same except for the following changes and/or additions:

The Seller agrees to sell and convey the Property according to the terms and conditions set in this Counter Offer.

This Counter Offer is good until _____ AM/PM on _______________. A copy of this counter offer form has to be signed by the Buyer and returned to the Seller at or before this date and time.

Buyer Name:_________________________

Buyer Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________

Seller Name: _________________________

Seller Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________

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