Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Want your home to look and work like new? Then our free home maintenance checklist will be all that you need to keep things running like a Swiss watch.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Home Maintenance Check List

Your home is just not a roof over your head - It's the biggest investment you will ever make and where you will be spending half your life (if you toss in sleep time and weekends).

Keeping your home in tip top condition doesn't just preserve its economic value - The joy of coming back to an impeccable home is just something that money can't buy.

While home maintenance is indeed important, it shouldn't be something that chews up all your free time. That's why our home maintenance check list has been carefully crafted for one purpose - To give you maximum results with minimum effort.

While we label it as an annual home maintenance checklist, you don't have to blaze through everything in one shot - Some people prefer to break it down into small digestible chunks and chip a few items off the list each month. If slow and steady works better for you, then be our guest and go right ahead.

Home Maintenance Checklist


[     ] Make sure all door and window locks are working.
[     ] Make sure all doors and windows open and shut properly.
[     ] Lubricate door hinges and window moving parts.
[     ] Check windows for any cracks or leakage.
[     ] Repair any loose putty around the window panes.


[     ] Check for loose or damaged roof tiles.
[     ] Check gutters and drains for leaks.
[     ] Clear up any blocked gutters.
[     ] Make sure roof antenna, solar heater and other roof fixtures are secure.
[     ] Check the underside of roof (attic) for water stains and damages.


[     ] Check for peeling and cracked paint
[     ] Check walls for cracks and damages
[     ] Check for rotten or loose siding and trim.


[     ] Make sure all electrical plugs and cords are working.
[     ] Check and label the circuit breaker and fuse box.
[     ] Check for loose or exposed wiring.
[     ] Call in an electrician for all electrical repairs.


[     ] Check for leaks under and around sinks, wash basins, showers and tubs.
[     ] Check all water outlets for adequate and consistent water flow.
[     ] Check drainage flow at all water outlets.
[     ] Drain and replace water inside water heater.
[     ] Check water heater for leaks, corrosion and obstructions.
[     ] Check pressure value of water heater.


[     ] Clean or change all air filters.
[     ] Clean and check all humidifiers.
[     ] Make sure heating stoves, air con compressors and air vents are free from obstructions.
[     ] Clean dirt and dust around exhaust fans.
[     ] Check flue pipes of heating stoves for leaks and rust.
[     ] Call in professionals to service heating and air con once a year.


[     ] Make sure fences and gates are intact and secure.
[     ] Check outdoor tap faucets and water hoses.
[     ] Clear up any blocked gutters and drains.
[     ] Check water sprinklers for leaky valves, exposed pipes and faulty sprinkler heads.
[     ] Check for signs of rodents, termites and other pests.

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