Free Contractor Bid Form

Are you looking for a contractor bid form? Whether you're an owner taking bids or a contractor making bids for a work project, our good-to-go template here will save you both time and effort.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Free Contractor Bid Forms

Also labeled as a contractor proposal form, this often marks the first point-of-contact between the owner and contractor hopefuls. If all goes well and the contractor's bid is accepted, the deal should be sealed in writing with an Agreement between Owner and Contractor.

Owners: When requesting for work proposals from contractors, it's often a smart move to attach this contractor bid sheet to your request. That's how you get contractors to give out the exact information that you need... and that's also how you standardize the different bid proposals so you can compare and choose the right man for the job.

Contractors: There's two major tasks for to nail down for contractor proposal forms - Figuring out what are the exact materials, labor and equipment required to complete the work project (work scope)... plus stick on a price tag for all your blood, sweat and tears (costs + overhead + profit). Be sure to include all taxes, bond premiums and insurance under "Work Scope and Details".

*Make sure this free contractor proposal form complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Contractor Bid Form


Name: _________________________


City: ____________________  State: ____________________  Zip: ____________________

Phone Number: _________________________

Proposal Submission Date: _______________


Project Name: __________________________________________________

Project Location:

City: ____________________  State: ____________________  Zip: ____________________


{ Describe Materials, Labor and Equipment to be Supplied for the Different Work Components }

The Contractor propose to furnish all materials, labor and equipment necessary to complete the above-named project for the sum of
________________________________________ Dollars ( $ _______________ ).

All materials are guaranteed to be as specified. The above work is to be performed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to the specifications submitted.

The Contractor agrees to complete the proposed work within _____ days after the date of work commencement stated in the Agreement Between Owner and Contractor.


Contractor Name: _________________________

Contractor License Number: _________________________


City: ____________________  State: ____________________  Zip: ____________________

Phone Number: _________________________

Fax Number: _________________________

This proposal bid may be withdrawn by the Contractor if it is not accepted within _____ days.

Contractor Signature: _________________________

Date: _______________


The Contractor is hereby authorized to furnish all materials, labor and equipment required to complete the above-described work. The undersigned agrees to pay the stated amount in this bid proposal.

Signature: _________________________

Acceptance Date: _______________

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