Free Residential Rental Application Form

Looking for a dependable residential rental application form to help you pick the perfect tenant for your rental home? Then look no further - Just scroll down for our free residential lease application.

Before Using Our Residential Lease Application Form, You Should Know These Facts

What is the most important thing for a lease?" - If you ask around, most landlords and property managers will agree that it's screening and choosing the right tenant. So if you only get to do just one thing as a landlord, make sure it's picking a well-behaved tenant who pays the rent on time.

Before your applicant fills in the residential rental application form, be sure to remind him or her to include every detail. An application that is riddled with blanks often means that the person has something to hide.

Another thing is to warn all your applicants against giving false or misleading information. Make it crystal clear that you won't hesitate to toss them off the property if you uncover any lies in the future.

While our free residential rental application is no doubt a handy tool for screening tenants, it is not enough - You will need to make sure your future tenant is able and willing to pay the rent on time... and the best way to do it to run a credit check on your shortlisted applicants with a reputable tenant screening site such as Tenant Verification Service or E-Renter.

Residential Rental Application

Please fill in this application form completely. Every applicant over the age of 18 has to fill in a separate form.


Full Name: ______________________________          Birth Date: _______________

Contact Number: _________________________          Email Address: ____________________

Driver's License Number: _______________          Social Security Number: _______________

Occupant Name: ____________________  Birth Date: __________  Relationship: __________
Occupant Name: ____________________  Birth Date: __________  Relationship: __________
Occupant Name: ____________________  Birth Date: __________  Relationship: __________
Occupant Name: ____________________  Birth Date: __________  Relationship: __________

List of All Pets: ________________________________________________________________


Current Address: _______________________________________________________________

Landlord Name: ______________________________          Duration of Stay: _______________

Landlord / Agent Contact Number: _________________________          Rent: $__________

Reason for Leaving: _____________________________________________________________

Previous Address: ______________________________________________________________

Landlord Name: ______________________________          Duration of Stay: _______________

Landlord's / Agent's Contact Number: _________________________

Have you ever been evicted as a tenant?     [     ] Yes          [     ] No


Employment Status: [     ] Full Time     [     ] Part Time     [     ] Student     [     ] Unemployed

Current Employer: _________________________  Duration of Employment: _______________

Employer Contact Number: _________________________          Monthly Salary: $__________


Bank Name and Branch: ______________________________     Account Number: __________
Bank Name and Branch: ______________________________     Account Number: __________

Credit Card Company: ______________________________          Balance Due: $__________
Credit Card Company: ______________________________          Balance Due: $__________
Vehicle Loan: _____________________________________          Balance Due: $__________

List of Other Income Sources (optional): ____________________________________________


Name: ____________________ Contact Number: _______________ Relationship: __________

In the event that you cannot be reached for any lease issues, we shall attempt to contact the person above.

I declare that all the information above is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that if any of the information is found to be false or incomplete, the landlord will have the right to reject this application and terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect.

I hereby authorize the landlord to run any credit check and to verify any of the information above with relevant third parties such as landlords, employers, banks, creditors or other persons.

Applicant Signature: ______________________________   Application Date: _______________

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