Landlord Notice to Enter Property

Yes, the property is yours... but you'll still have to give your tenant a notice to enter dwelling unit in advance if you want to set foot on it. And yes, we have your free form right here.

Before Using Our Notice of Intent to Enter Property, You Should Know These Facts

The good news is that sending a notice of intent to enter premises is a piece of long as you know your "when"s and "why"s.

When should you send the notice? If you dig into your local laws, you should unearth one of the following: 24 hours in advance, 48 hours in advance or unspecified. Even if your laws don't specify a time, you are still often expected to give your tenant "reasonable" notice (hint: at least 48 hours in advance).

What time should you enter the property? To play it safe, it's best to enter the property during normal working hours when the tenant is in. If that is not possible, then you can always arrange a date and time that is both convenient for both parties.

What are valid reasons for entering the property? Even though you own the place, you can't just waltz in just because you feel like it. Good, valid reasons are: to inspect the property, to make repairs/alterations/improvements, to show the property to potential tenants/buyers/lenders, and of course to deal with emergencies (no advance notice needed for emergencies).

*Make sure this notice of intent to enter dwelling unit complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Notice to Enter Premises

Tenant Name: ______________________________

Rental Address: ________________________________________________________________

Dear Tenant,

You are hereby notified that the Landlord and/or the Landlord's agent(s) will enter the above premises on _______________ at _______________ a.m./p.m. for the following reason(s):

[     ] Inspect the premises

[     ] Make or arrange the following repairs, alterations or improvements:

[     ] Show the premises to prospective tenants, buyers or lenders

[     ] Other: ___________________________________________________________________

You are welcome to be present. If you have any questions or if the above date and time is inconvenient, please call me promptly at  ____________________.

Landlord Name: ______________________________

Landlord Signature: ______________________________          Date: _______________

Landlord Address: ______________________________________________________________

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