Sample Stop Notice Form

Do you have a hard time chasing after construction payments? With our stop notice form, collecting payments for your work and materials will be a walk in the park.

Before Using Our Stop Notices, You Should Know These Facts

The United States is a good place to collect payments for your labor, services or materials... if you know the rules. There is often no need to go to court just to recover your hard-earned cash.

As long as you remember to file a Preliminary Lien Notice on time, your choices are plenty when it comes to collecting overdue payments: You can file a Mechanic's Lien on the property, freeze the construction funds with a stop-notice, or take the regular sue-them-in-court route.

In fact, you can file both the Mechanic's Lien Form and Stop-Notice just to play it safe - Click here for our free Mechanics Lien Form.

By slapping the property owner or construction lender with this notice, you are making them halt all construction payouts to others until you get your share. In short, you are slamming a lien on the remaining construction funds.

Here's a little tidbit on the whens on the stop notice process - There's no need to wait until the work is completed. As long as the bills are overdue, you can go ahead and file this notice.

And if the work has been completed, then you probably need to dish out this notice within 90 days. In case the owner pulls a notice of cessation out of the bag, this deadline will be slashed to just 30 days - Take a moment to dig up your local state laws and confirm these deadlines.

*Make sure this form complies with your local real estate laws before using it. If you have any doubts, you can ask a real estate lawyer online.

Stop Notice

To Construction Fund Holder:

Name: ______________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

You are hereby notified that the Claimant ______________________________ whose address is ______________________________________________________________________________
has furnished labor, services, equipment and/or materials for a work of improvement located at

Description of the labor, services, equipment and/or materials furnished by the Claimant:

Total value of labor, services, equipment and/or materials to be furnished: $ _______________
Value of labor, services, equipment and/or materials furnished to date: ....$ _______________
Claimant has been paid the sum of: ......................................................$ _______________
Amount due, owing and unpaid to the Claimant: .................................... $ _______________

Person/Entity who contracted for the purchase of the above described labor, services, equipment and/or materials:

Name: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

You are required to set aside sufficient funds to satisfy this claim with interest, court costs and reasonable costs of litigation, as provided by law. You are also notified that the Claimant claims an equitable lien against any construction funds for this project which are in your hands.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of ____________________ that the foregoing is true and correct.

Claimant Signature: ______________________________          Date: _______________

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